ARFOR changes Nov 9th 2017

The PPL, CMET, CNAV and CFPA exams will cease using ARFORs and start using GAFs and GPWT forecasts effective on the 9th of November 2017.

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9 November 2017 – Graphical Area Forecasts (GAF)

Coinciding with the 9 November amendments to the AIP and charts, the Bureau of Meteorology will be replacing the old Area Forecasts (ARFORs) with a new forecast referred to as Graphical Area Forecasts (GAFs) and Grid Point Wind and Temperature (GPWTs) Forecasts. These new forecasts have a different presentation of the information, area of coverage and other changes from the old ARFORs.

All pilots should familiarise themselves with the new GAF and GPWT forecast presentation. Information about GAFs may be found on the Bureau of Meteorology website.

The new GAFs and GPWTs will first appear in the pilot theory exams on 9 November 2017 when they will replace the old ARFORs.

See AIP GEN 3.5-52 and 3.5-56

You will NOT be expected to carry out linear interpolation for grid point winds in the exams, winds will be supplied.

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