Required equipment for cross-country/Nav training

Maps, AIP, ERSA etc can be ordered online and delivered from Air Services here.  You can also buy these maps and books from flight shops, the LFS recommends Skylines in Moorabbin.  For most nav training you will need a Melbourne VTC, VNC and ERC-Low, as well as a PCA and Melbourne and Hamilton WACs.  You will also need an ERSA.

Equipment needed for navigation etc can be bought from Skylines.  We recommend :

E6-B Flight Computer  (otherwise known as a "wizz wheel"). There's also a metal "slider" type, we recommend the round type.

Rotating Azimuth Plotter - Skylines own branding  or if not in stock the Jeppesen PJ1, although it's not as easy to read for VTCs as the Skylines one.

Kneeboards are a very personal piece of equipment, if you're looking to fly navs in Jabirus, the large Skylines VFR lapboard is excellent. If you're doing your training in a Warrior or something else with less room on your knees, you might prefer a smaller kneeboard, such as the Skylines IFR kneeboard.  Talk to your instructor before you buy one.

While the LFS does loan out ELTs, we strongly recommend you have one of your own anyway.  We like this one

For CPL Air Law, we recommend you use our collated CAR, CAO and Part 61 extracts.  See the CPL Air Law course for details.

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