NOTE : Effective Dec 2nd 2021 - CPL Law and the permitted documents were changed to reflect CASR part 91 coming into effect.

The CAO's ceased to exist, candidates require CASR part 91 and part 91 MOS documents instead.

This section of the LFS moodle is not updated to suit that yet.

The Big Seven!

Recommended exam order :

  1. CPL Law -CLWA

  2. CPL Meterology - CMET

  3. CPL Nav - CNAV

  4. CPL Aerodynamics - CADA

  5. CPL Performance and Planning - CFPA

  6. CPL Human Factors - CHUF

  7. CPL Aircraft General Knowledge - CSYA

We do Law first as it's both the easiest and the hardest (!) - the subject itself is easy, you just need to know what you need to know about, and that's the trick to Law. It's open book and is all about finding your way around the rules quickly. Met is next as you need it for CNAV and CFPA. CNAV and CFPA can be done in either order, but doing CNAV first is a good confidence booster. CADA needs to be done before CFPA, as is the most challenging exam and takes a lot of practice at the types of questions you will receive and it can have aerodynamics questions in it. Once CFPA is done the rest are "read the textbook, regurgitate" exams.

Resources : ASL exam booking

CASA exam overview :

Where printed material may be brought into an exam :


Only Airservices produced section dividers of permitted publications may be used; these must not contained training notes such as, formulae, explanatory notes, cross-referencing with other pages or publications, training aide memoires.

As there is no Airservices produced section divider for the April 2010 edition of CAR (1988) which is printed in 5 section volumes, the following may be permitted:

  • Self-produced section divider (coloured card or similar material but with no notation other than the Volume description, e.g. "Vol 2 - Part 5") to enable easy access to each of the 5 section volumes‘ content page, or
  • each of the 5 section volumes may be secured in clearly marked folder (e.g. Vol 2 –Part 5).

Self-printed copies of CASRs, CARs, CAOs, CAAPs and Visual Flight Rules Guide (VFRG – only for PPL and RPL exams) downloaded from the CASA website are acceptable subject to the following:

  • The documents are approved for use in the particular examination, and are secured in a ring bound folder or similar, they must not be loose sheets of paper.
  • The CASRs, CARs, CAOs, CAAPs and VFG do not contain manuscript material, and are each in a clearly marked folder (e.g. CAR 1988).
  • The folders do not contain other documents, notes or material.
  • Self-printed copies are to be printed on paper no larger than A4 size

Apart from the above mentioned CASRs, CAR, CAO, CAAP and VFRG, CASA does not approve use of downloaded air publications such as AIP Book, ERSA, DAPS, etc.

CD-ROM of aviation legislation is not an acceptable alternative as the use of personal laptop or computer notebooks of any kind is not permitted during examinations.

Marking and tagging of permitted documents

Underlining and highlighting are permissible provided these do not include any form of notations. With effect from 10 April 2017, where specific publications are permitted in exam session, the maximum number of tags per respective publication shall be as follows:

  • (i) CAR (1988), (ii) CASR (1998), (iii) CASR Part 61 and (iv) CASR Part 137 – no tag permitted
  • CAO – no tag permitted
  • AIP Book (or its Jeppesen equivalent) – maximum 15 (fifteen) tags
  • ERSA – maximum 5 (five) tags
  • Day VFR Guide – no tag permitted
  • DAP East & West – no tag permitted
  • CAAP – no tag permitted
  • Handbook and Operations Manual of exam aircraft model – no tag permitted
  • All charts – no tag permitted
  • Any exam-permitted publication not listed here – no tag permitted

Page tags must not carry more than just the topic headings of the page or section. These must be in the English language. Tags must not include notes or markings such as formulae, explanatory notes, cross-referencing with other pages of the same or other publications, sketches, diagrams, paste-on materials and training aide memoires.

Airservices or Jeppesen produced section dividers, including A – Z dividers, are not considered as page tags.

Important notice: Candidates who tag their exam-permitted publications (AIP book and/or ERSA) in excess of the stated maximum number or/and have made unauthorised notations on the tags will not be allowed to sit the exam until they remove the extra or/and notated tags.