The Lilydale Flying School's online study resource for pilots preparing for the LFS ab-initio (pre-solo, pre-area solo, BAK and Radio) exams, the CASA RPL(A), PPL(A) and CPL(A) exams, as well as online lesson briefings and general resources.

Material presented here is NOT intended to replace textbooks, it is an adjunct to them to assist Lilydale Flying School pilots.  We recommend the Bob Tait textbooks for preparation for ab-initio (pre solo, pre area solo and BAK) and PPL exams and a hybrid of ATC and Bob Tait texts for CPL exam preparation.

We have an active Facebook group where we discuss sessions and so on, here.  To get access to this group please contact Carl Brewer via Facebook.

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We've just bumped Moodle from 3.11 to 3.11.1, and the relevant back end stuff (apache and PHP) are updated.  If you notice anything unusually unusual .. Please let me know. Thank you,Carl

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