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This is a work in progress, we are making it available as we develop it. We very much appreciate constructive criticism and suggestions for what to put in it.

Material presented here is NOT intended to replace textbooks, it is an adjunct to them to assist Lilydale Flying School pilots.  We recommend the Bob Tait textbooks for preparation for ab-initio (pre solo, pre area solo and BAK) and PPL exams and a hybrid of ATC and Bob Tait texts for CPL exam preparation.

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CASA exam changes in Dec 2021

by Admin User -

Due to CASA changing the main flight rules (out with the CAOs, in with Part 91) the CASA Cyber exams for RPL, RPL Cross Country, PPL and PIFR (all of which can be sat at LFS) are going to change.  Students studying IREX and CPL will also need to get their head around the new regs.

If you're doing an exam after 1st Dec 2021, check with us first!

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