The Lilydale Flying School's online study resource for pilots preparing for the LFS ab-initio (pre-solo, pre-area solo, BAK and Radio) exams, the CASA RPL(A), PPL(A) and CPL(A) exams, as well as online lesson briefings and general resources.

As of the first of July 2019, the GA BAK exam is no longer recognised by CASA.  The new exam is the RPL(A) PEXO exam.  We have opened up our old GA BAK exams for you to use for practice BUT they are not a complete representation of what to expect in the new RPL(A) exam.  The RPL(A) PEXO exam can be taken at Lilydale by arrangement.

NOTE: We have updated the radio calls and radio briefing notes in the Radio course, effective 15/5/2019

NOTE: We have updated the PPL & CPL workbook to the 2018 release which includes material for the RPL(A) exam which replaces the GA BAK exam.

Material presented here is NOT intended to replace textbooks, it is an adjunct to them to assist Lilydale Flying School pilots.  We recommend the Bob Tait textbooks for preparation for ab-initio (pre solo, pre area solo and BAK) and PPL exams and a hybrid of ATC and Bob Tait texts for CPL exam preparation.

We have an active Facebook group where we discuss sessions and so on, here.  To get access to this group please contact Carl Brewer via Facebook.

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BIF and MPPC lessons WIP - your feedback much appreciated

by Admin User -

We've been working on Basic Instrument Flight (BIF) and Manual Propeller Pitch Control (MPPC, commonly known as CSU) lessons, and we've opened them up for you to look at. They are not complete and are very much work in progress, and we would very much appreciate you having a look at them and giving us some constructive criticism.



Thank you,


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